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Digital media publishing, web/mobile software development

Digital consulting services

You don’t need any technical background to keep all your stuff online anymore. Don’t waste ridiculous amounts of time trying to optimise or reconfigure your WordPress website or Internet server. We know how to take care about your digital life and make it easier. Hire us and spend all your time growing your business!

Premium WordPress support

Stop worry about your WordPress blog or corporate site anymore! Forget about the configurations, plugins, components, backups, security. Leave all these to our hands and focus yourself on your business. We’ll take care!

Cloud infrastructure services

We’ve covered benefits of cloud computing, considerations for moving workloads to the cloud, and our methodology for approaching the business and technical requirements to ensure that your migration to cloud is a success.

Development & Digital media

Do you need new custom HTML5 responsive template for your website? A jaw dropping mobile app? Or any other custom software developed from scratch? We can even prepar, publish and promote your eBook! Just drop us a note!

Invention is not enough. Tesla invented the electric power we use, but he struggled to get it out to people. You have to combine both things: invention and innovation focus, plus the company that can commercialise things and get them to people.


We are a team of dedicated experts
and committed strategists


  • Yovko Lambrev
    Yovko LambrevManaging Partner

    Recognisable Internet expert, IT solutions architect and entrepreneur. Heavy open source software, creative commons and free culture supporter and believer. Big fan of WordPress, Barcelona, Google and jazz music. Loves Chrome, Mac, Arduino, Android, Linux, JavaScript and simple, clean UIs.

  • An Fam
    An FamManaging Partner

    Sales and advertising expert with 10+ years experience. Handles customer inquiries, designs best-option solutions and coordinates them with the technical team. Answers for all billing and administrative affairs. Blogger and culinary enthusiast. Loves traveling and exploring new cultures.

  • Llora Piqué
    Llora PiquéArt director

    Llora, sitting in sunny Barcelona, is our creative head. She works on our products’ concepts and takes care of creating content that people care about and want to share. She beautifully shoots and cuts our videos, makes infographics and writes the concepts for the visualizations.

An interactive culinary map

Guide for a personal tasty trip across authentic restaurants and food stores, owned by Bulgarians, refugees, and foreigners. Responsive, bilingual and mobile optimised web application based on WordPress backbone, Google Maps API, geolocation and navigation services.

Responsive Restaurant website

Fullscreen HTML5 responsive WordPress based bilingual solution for famous Italian restaurant. The application adapts automatically to small mobile devices like iPhone or Android. Reservation system included.

SimpleStudio photography portfolio

Fully responsive web app, optimised for mobile devices to provide native user experience.

MultiKulti Collective corporate web

Responsive HTML5 WordPress based bilingual solution for popular Bulgarian NGO. Modern corporate website with parallax sections and sticky navigation and news (blog) section.

That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.


Providing value to businesses by aligning smart technologies with the daily reality bundled together with premium support


WordPress consulting and support. Amazon WS, Google Cloud platform, Microsoft Azure and other cloud migration and VPS services – planning, implementation, optimisation and operational support. Full Datacenter-in-the-Cloud services scope. Backup, archiving and redundancy. Web and Mobile software development. Internet consulting services. IT project management and IT operations management. Digital media publishing. Training services.


Did you know that more than 20% of websites floating around on the internet are powered by WordPress? Even the biggest brands and industries rely on WordPress as their CMS platform of choice. Most of the people who handle such sites are non-techies. And that’s where we come in to help them.


High traffic sites need modern, fast and lightweight webserver to stay up. Save your website from frequent downtimes or memory issues. Let us help you move from Apache to Nginx and enjoy the speed and stability.

  • New Nginx setup
  • Ubuntu-based Nginx/Postfix VPS
  • WordPress over Nginx


Moving applications and workloads to the cloud requires careful consideration and planning. Many vendors and consultants take a cloud-centric approach, encouraging their customers to first choose a public, private, or hybrid cloud. We strongly recommend that enterprises take an application-centric approach and begin by evaluating their application portfolios. Adopting a cloud strategy driven by application requirements enables enterprises to run workloads on the most optimal infrastructure.


Sites get hacked every day. Passwords get compromised. They are rarely as strong as we think. And sometimes it doesn’t matter. Sometimes somebody delete the wrong file or make a change that breaks everything. Keeping website backups is the only real solution for recovery. We offer a reliable solution that stores backup copies of your website, databases and all your files on Amazon S3 cloud storage – one of the most reliable, cost-effective and secure storage on the web.

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